What's expected of me?

Not exactly sure what's expected of you? Please read the questions and answers.

1. Is this a real test?
Yes, and you are expected to take it seriously and do your best.

2. What if I finish early?
Mrs. B has books and magazines available for silent reading. When several of you are finished, we will send you back to your classroom. Your teacher will be in the classroom.

3. Am I allowed to ask questions?
Yes, just raise your hand. Please don't bother the others around you. In Math and Science tests, we can read a word or whole sentence for you. We are not permitted to tell you what anything means. In Reading and Language Use, the only help we can offer is if there is a computer glitch.

4. What if I don't know the answer? Should I guess?
You have to answer every questions. You cannot continue with the test without answering each question. Use your best test-taking strategies to answer. And yes, sometimes guessing is the only option.

5. What if I just guess all the time?
The test has a feature built into it that will recognize too many quick answers. You might have to repeat the test, if you receive and "Invalid Test" message.

6. What if I answer wrong on purpose?
You won't get a score that reflects your actual academic progress.

7. What should I do to be ready for the MAP Test?
You should make sure that you go to bed at a reasonable time and eat a healthy breakfast.